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Hypnosis Script Swap
A place for hypnotists and the hypno-curious to swap scripts, ideas, & insights.
Time is all most running out, and I feel my life going away, even… 
29th-Dec-2007 11:00 pm
Time is all most running out, and I feel my life going away, even though hypnosis didn't work.  I had waited for the transformation, but that wasn't working.  I wasn't shaping my body like I was meant to do for him, but I still hope that my "YMCA" member ship didn't get ended.  I'm still trying hypnosis, but it isn't working yet.  I tried making suggestions that make me always breathe but still have control over my heart and lungs if I wanted to, but it didn't work.  I all ways sub consciously hold my breath, and I all ways have to hyper ventilate deep breaths or whatever, and that is causing stress, and that is happening even when I don't hypnotise my self.  And when I am asleep when I'm hypnotised, the suggestions don't work when I want them to, and all of the parts of my half of his mind are clear for the moment, the suggestions aren't working, but I know that I need to keep trying.  How many times do I need to try to make hypnosis work when I want it to work?
30th-Dec-2007 06:12 pm (UTC)
It sounds like you are very tense, and resisting. You need to work on relaxing first, making sure this is what you want. The other alternative is to have someone else put you under and work with you so all you have to do is just relax, be open and receptive. Feel free to IM me if you would like to chat about it.
9th-Apr-2008 03:41 pm (UTC) - Like he said you need to work on relaxing.
Are you recording your sessions and then playing them back to yourself? It might be a good idea. As to form I've herd that you should have a deepener right after the induction to increase the relaxation. You should also make sure you actually enter a trance state, you can do that by waking up before going into a natural sleep, use a wakener/ending and if you don't wake up you probably fell asleep during or instead of into trance. One reason this may happen is that your mind became bored either because you spoke to slowly (if you are using a recording) or you didn't use a script that took advantage of your method of learning (or learning style: visual/reading, auditory/hearing, kinesthetic/doing), engage all the senses if you aren't a particularly specialized learner (like me).

An example of a deepener that engages the senses can be found in The Future's Toolkit by David Ian Brager under begginings in appendix.
And An Example Of An Induction That Might Help can be found in The Future's Toolkit by David Ian Brager under begginings in appendix.

Here's The Start:
Muscle Group Stress-then-Relax method starter.

"For a moment here, I want you to move all your toes, then your ankles, then flex your legs at your knees, and then your legs at your hips. Take a deep breath and then exhale. Now move your neck. Now move your arms at your shoulders. Now at the elbow. Now at your wrists. Now move all your fingers. "Good. By moving these muscles, your body applied electrical energy which cause them to tension. Now, as you are here, you are feeling these muscles relax. . . feeling that electrical energy lessening from the muscles. This relaxation feels really good."

An Emergency Safe Comment:
"Hypnosis is not a replacement for reality. In case of an emergency, if something should happen that is life threatening, or if you should smell unusual smoke, you will immediately awaken, feeling alert and concerned, and you will do all you can to fix any such problem so that it cannot harm you or the people for whom you care. But here, now, all is safe. All is calm. Just relax."

A wakener can be as simple as (source: The Future's Toolkit by David Ian Brager):
All endings begin with:

"I am going to count from five to one. When I get to one,..."

Basic Ending:

"You will totally awaken from this place, this state of mind, and you will feel energized, you will feel love, you will feel great joy and happiness, and it's all because you simply want to feel that way.

Final line for any ending:

"Five. . . four. . .
three. . . two. . . one. . .
wake up your consciousness."

Also before the wakener you can put (source: The Future's Toolkit by David Ian Brager):
Post Hypnotic Suggestion so that listener can easily and rapidly return to this state after this
session, at will, and only by personal choice.

"I want you to set a key word. This word can only be used by you, internally. The only way this word can work is for you to take a deep breath, then take a couple normal breaths, and when you choose to take a second deep breath, you say this word as you exhale. As you say this word, to yourself, you will immediately close your eyes and slip down into a deep, relaxing sleep, all the way to as far down as you are currently rested. . . or even further. Every time you do this, you find that you go even deeper than you did the last time. No one can ever speak this word to you and have any effect upon you.
Let us set this word now and the word is 'Soma.’ "

As to the suggestions Maybe something like (my ideas):
"As you exercise you will find yourself breathing deeply and easily without having to concentrate."
"During each rep you will attain maximum muscular tension as all the muscles in your body grow stronger, and between each rep you will relax completely and release more and more stress"
Or something like that.

Here is a reputable source of complete hypnosis programs: http://www.wendi.com/
And here is a reputable source of free hypnosis scripts: http://www.hypnosis.com/scripts.aspx
10th-Apr-2008 10:15 pm (UTC)
That post is being "out of date". My problem is sleeping, but that is being caused by having energy lost at school.
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