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A place for hypnotists and the hypno-curious to swap scripts, ideas, & insights.
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13th-Aug-2007 07:21 pm - robot toy script
A couple of people have asked me to post this one, so here you go! It was originally written for my girlfriend, and she responded pretty well to it. The first half had her really under and I had a lot of fun during the spot where she's reverted to a human but reminded she's still suggestible. I think the script might be a little too cluttered, with too many different triggers to keep track of, so I might write a simpler version of it someday. Have fun and let me know what you think, but be gentle, it's only my second attempt at a script! _:)

Incidentally, "go limp" is my GF's usual trance trigger, so you might want to substitute them with whatever your own toys respond to. =^_~=

It's somewhere between PG-13 and R, with some mildly frank anatomical references. Might not be SFW.Collapse )
26th-Jul-2007 07:54 pm - Personal method
Here's what I posted to another hypnosis thread. It's my personal method for self-hypnosis:

I've done a fair amount of self-hypnosis myself and I recommend this as a good introduction:

1) Get one of those self-hypnosis tapes to work with at first. Anything that comes close to what you want and what you believe. What's important is to experience the feeling of being hypnotized and the tapes are good for that. I worked with a tape and was going great until the speaker began calling the seven rays or some like thing that I did'nt believe in. Kinda ruined it for me. But just knowing what it felt like to be in trance enabled me to put myself in trance later, without the tape.

2) I started by relaxing my muscles. I simply told each of the diffrent muscles in my face and head(mouth, cheeks, ears, eyes, brow, forehead, scalp, etc)to go limp and slack, and to completely relax,  and lo and behold they obeyed. I was shocked at first but built on that to end up with a routine where I relax my whole body from the head down, one muscle group at a time(arms, torso, stomach & digestive system, groin, legs and feet) . By then I'd focused my attention on the session and was relaxed at the same time.

3) Next I begin "going under", visualizing it as coming loose from my surface moorings and sinking into the watery depths of my psyche. After going down and down and down until I reach the count of ten, I am "in the place where your instructions to your mind(include specific parts you want to affect) and body will be obeyed" - it dosen't matter where that place is, I let the unconscious worry about that, and I specifically tell it so before starting my descent. It dosen't help becoming a perfectionist about this.

4) Then I simply give the instructions I want my unconscious to obey and manifest in my personality. It helps to have a script prepared that concentrates on one thing, so as not to confuse the unconscious. Save that other thing you want for a diffrent session.

5) I then assure myself that the change I spoke into being is NOW, that the change is already accomplished and will continue be in effect after I awaken. Then I ascend back to my surface moorings using a 1...2...3 count. I do feel a rush when I reach the number 3, like I'm emerging from the water. That's it.
20th-Jul-2007 09:47 pm - Hello
Mega Man, Rockman
I'm a furry fan. Can't say I'm a "true" furry as in being part of the furry commuinty. I've had a long deisre to know what it's like to be a hermaphrotdite catgirl (yea I know) (also I'm a guy). So far no luck, I think I may be going into light or meduim trances but I get no results yet. I've tried the hypno-files accelerator and the WMM trigfurry, trigfurry remix and trigmorph... I happen to have a copy of virtual hypnotist, no add-ons and no female voice... if some one could make me a script for this program that works quickly and is simalar to trigfurry remix save for no age thing and the gender being herm not male or female I'd be soooo happy, (prehaps in your dept? depends xD).
16th-Jul-2007 03:45 pm - first post: kittenizer script
chobits (mousegrrl)
Hey, why didn't anybody ever tell me about this group?

Or maybe they did, and it just slipped my mind. =@.@=

Anyhow, this is my first attempt at writing a script. I've never done any formal study of other scripts, so I really only knew going into it what I'd learned from the default scripts on Virtual Hypnotist, and from playing with a friend with hypno experience. Just a simple catgirl transformation sequence. Not sure how effective or well-written it is, but it worked scarily well on me. =o.O=

If anyone likes this, I have one more written (a human -> robot toy script) and one more in the works (rubberized religious cult, very dark and eerie).

Some kinky content -- might not be safe for work.Collapse )

Just click, sit back, and see if any of these can make you go bye bye.
14th-Nov-2006 11:33 pm - Rock polishing script
I rather liked this meditation but not so much to actually do because I've polished rocks and it just doesn't work this way.  But as a script in hypnosis I think it would be awesome.  I can see guiding someone through polishing stones, one by one, using a special cloth designed just for this purpose that takes plain, dull rocks and reveals their inner beauty.  Lots of awesome metaphors could be worked into a script based on this meditation.


31st-Aug-2005 05:50 pm - Spiral gifs-
Always get me. I am one of those people who love to stare at shining objects or twinkling lights, or spirals. :P Anybody know of any pretty good hypnotic gifs that can help me focus on entering a state of trance? Nothing cheesy like a gif of a watch swinging back and forth or a tiny thumbnail of a dartboard flashing...you guys know what I mean. ^~^
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