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Hypnosis Script Swap
A place for hypnotists and the hypno-curious to swap scripts, ideas, & insights.
Those scripts you couldn't access.... 
16th-Aug-2008 10:43 pm
I went through and fixed  my script entries so they should all be accessible now.  I'm am also mezmera here and Me and Myself are the moderators of HypnoScriptSwap.  If you discover there are any more scripts that are still inaccessible, just let me know and I'll fix them quick. 

I know this isn't a busy community and that's okay with me.  But I spent a lot of time writing scripts and I hate to see them go to waste.  If you can use them in some form or fashion, knock yourself out!  And if you have some scripts, tips, or tricks to share, I hope you will.

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