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12th-Feb-2008 01:26 pm
ladies yakking
For a long time I wasn't willing to try EFT because I thought it wouldn't work .. "it's too simple".... Well... I finally gave it a fair shot and I have to say, it's been very helpful. I'm experiencing less attachment to old relationships... letting the angst and resentment just slip away. I'm eating far more healthy. I'm changing my relationship to money, seeing it as energy and what I give out is what comes back. The best EFTer's that I enjoy employ really positive phrasing, like this guy, Brad Yates http://www.bradyates.net/?hop=tap4money

Enjoy :)

12th-Feb-2008 06:42 pm (UTC)
Thanks for sharing. That really did help Me start the day off!
13th-Feb-2008 05:28 pm (UTC)
Thanks for sharing that!
25th-Mar-2008 05:56 pm (UTC)
I like this! I'm going to try it! Already did while I watched it, but I like the approach. EFT hasn't yet worked on me for anything. But I believe in it becuase I've used it on people so effectively. Maybe this new twist will make a difference!
23rd-Apr-2008 02:16 am (UTC) - Mass Control Through Hypnosis!
Great post! Thanks for that buddy!

I actually work in sales for a competitive local newspaper (selling advertising space).

Let me tell you something, sales is hard enough, but selling advertising space in a dying medium? It's a real ordeal.

In fact, I nearly quit my job several times over the last year because it was so hard to sell (and I have had a lot of sales training and get on well with people).

After looking over some stuff online (like eBooks and courses) I was never convinced of any of the material I found and tried to apply.

I'm not sure if any of your readers work in sales or not, but what I am about to mention is something else when it comes to persuading people to do as you wish of them.

It's a site called Secrets Of MassControl (http://secretsofmasscontrol.com) and it features a program that literally scares me to death!

What do I mean?

Well, I had heard of how sales professionals were closing tons of sales per week using ethical and safe hypnosis on their prospects.

At first, I thought, "that sounds like some kind of illegal mind manipulation".

Although it IS about manipulating people, it is designed to do so in such a way that it is ethical and perfectly legal.

I suppose you can't be sure who will use the techniques unethically, but that's not my concern. What I would suggest to your readers, is that if they are interested in learning how to have scary empowerment over people, you should check out that website:

Secrets Of Mass Control (http://secretsofmasscontrol.com)

The program is a top selling conversational hypnosis program that you get instant access to, and believe me, it saved my job.

I'm not trying to "pitch" this guy's website or anything...I don't even know the guy. All I know is that according to some people I have spoke to

on Facebook and on a few sales forums, this website/program is apparently quite popular (although I have no idea how they know that).

The only way I can tell that it's worked for other people and that it might be so "popular" is by all the testimonials they have (and of course the proof is mind-blowing).

Personally, I actually bought it without even reading their sales page, because I had already been researching conversational hypnosis previously and the ethical uses of it in a sales environment (therefore, I already knew that it had some potential...just not as much as I expected).

The only problem I have now, is that I find myself tempted to use the techniques that guy (Clifford Mee) taught me ALL THE TIME.

Anyways, if that's what your into and you're an ethical type of guy/gal, then be sure to at least take a look at the video proof they have right on their front page of the website (it goes to show how even more scarier these techniques can be in the wrong hands).

The possibilities are endless for my career (and personal life) after taking that course.

I don't think I will use the techniques on my friends or family, but in a sales environment, it brings me huge commissions simply by applying the techniques alone!

In fact, I'm just about to go buy a new XBox 360 with the bonuses I earned from my job last month!


Nick B

here's that website again, where I found this system:

Secrets Of MassControl (http://secretsofmasscontrol.com)
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